From Parents of "Bee" Well-Mannered Students

"Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! My girls have loved spending time with you and learning all the things you have taught them. You are a true blessing, and your talents are priceless!"

- Amy Fendley

"Mrs. Chandler truly has the gift of teaching the importance of table etiquette, as well as everyday skills.  Her sweet Southern charm made Taylor feel at ease and not at all intimidated when trying to master the five-course meal.   She teaches new skills for even the most well-mannered children."
- Kimberly Cooper




From "Bee" Well-Mannered Students

"Thank you for teaching us our proper etiquette.  My favorite day changed to Tuesday because of etiquette class with you.  I hope we can see each other more often.  I can never thank you enough for teaching me!"
- Sarah
"Thank you so much for our etiquette classes these last few weeks. I had no idea how to do anything properly before I came to you. I hope I get to see you soon! I know I will use these skills all through my life."
- Carter
"Thank you so much for teaching us to eat, drink and talk the proper way. I have had so much fun throughout these past weeks. You have been so kind and friendly. I promise I will keep your lessons in my heart forever."
- Ceci




From "Backpack to Briefcase" College Students

"Mrs. Chandler was very professional and knowledgeable.  The seminar was interesting, enjoyable, and valuable for us as we prepare to enter the business world.  Thank you!"
- Matt
"All the information we were given was valuable – I learned so much! Mrs. Chandler was very polite, kind, and professional.  I enjoyed the “Backpack to Briefcase” seminar, and having Mrs. Chandler as our teacher was fun."
- Kesley









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