College & Young Adults

Backpack to Briefcase

Etiquette for Young Adults

Whether you are entering the business world after college graduation or directly from high school, our unique “Backpack to Briefcase” seminar empowers you to enter the business and professional arena with a distinct, competitive advantage.

Those who make a positive first impression and demonstrate outstanding interview skills, dining decorum, and interpersonal effectiveness are the ones who transition with confidence and ease from campus life to the corporate world. 

We give you the tools to succeed and to distinguish yourself with more than your GPA.

Many of the components of our corporate training program, "Empowered by Etiquette", are taught in this course.  Our specialized classes can be customized into a full-day, a half-day, or evening seminar, or a 2-3 hour workshop. 

Presentations are fast-paced, targeted, fun – and, empowering!


“Good manners will open doors the best education cannot.”






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