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Powerful Self-Presentation
The saying is true: We don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Statistics show that we have only 7-17 seconds to interact with strangers before they form an opinion of us – often before we say a word – and that a person will decide whether or not to conduct business with us within the first 3 minutes.  We teach you how to make a fabulous first impression by addressing the verbal and non-verbal ways we communicate which reveal so much about ourselves.  Eye contact, handshake, posture, appearance, voice, diction, office protocol and telephone skills and how to make introductions are all components of self presentation.
Event Etiquette
We’ll show you how to manage the multiple aspects of a networking event – shaking hands, making introductions, exchanging business cards – all while holding a plate and drink.  Then we’ll teach you to navigate gracefully through a five-course business dinner. Networking phobia will be a thing of the past, and you will also know the art of leaving an event with style and grace.
Dining Decorum
Many job interviews are conducted over lunch or dinner, and many business decisions are made while sharing a meal.  Impeccable dining skills give you confidence and that professional edge over your competition, particularly in today’s competitive environment.  This five-course dining class provides you with the basics of knowing what to do when, how to handle difficult foods, and which one of those forks, spoons, and knives to use.  We give you the confidence to maximize any dining experience and to distinguish yourself.  Among the topics addressed are seating, flatware and crystal, the menu, eating unusual foods, selecting wines, appropriate conversation, and the two primary dining styles.
Dynamic Corporate Image
Appearance is powerful. What does yours say about you – and the business you represent? This class offers guidelines on choosing and investing in clothing that is appropriate for your job, and – perhaps more importantly – for the position you desire. Students learn to build a professional wardrobe, including accessories, and get advice on colors and styles that enhance their appearance.  Maintaining a professional image, even when working in a “casual” environment, is also addressed.
Effective Communication
We make a definite impression on others with our verbal responses and our written words.  This class teaches you how to manage that impression and how to make it positive.  Students learn to make the tone of their voice warm and engaging, to actively listen, and to speak with authority using good grammar and diction. Social Media protocol is also addressed.
Public Speaking With Maximum Impact
No one is a “born public speaker”.  We must develop skills to overcome anxiety, organize our thoughts, and engage our audience for maximum impact.  This class teaches you how to prepare and present speeches using audiovisual material, your voice, your posture, your facial expressions and your attire to focus the audience’s attention on you and your message. This class is a must for those who speak before an audience – or want to.
Focusing on the Business at Hand
Decorum at the dining table carries over to participation at the conference table. This class reinforces those details that make a successful “power lunch”: selecting the restaurant, arranging effective seating, ordering, paying and tipping, and keeping a schedule. We also address political correctness issues and sensitivity to cultural differences which are so essential in today's business world.
Professional Polish
Many times knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what we should do.  This class addresses correct business protocol in our fast-paced, instant-gratification culture.  Companies increasingly recruit and retain those employees who not only impeccably present themselves but who also powerfully represent the company – both professionally and socially. This class empowers students to do both with instruction in additional topics such as correspondence, telephone skills, giving and receiving business gifts, and gender interaction in the workplace.
Express Etiquette
Express Etiquette is designed for working adults who desire etiquette skills in dining, personal presentation, and networking. This is a three-hour class which includes a four-course meal. An additional, formal five-course dinner ($40 fee)is offered as an option.
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